We're Moving!

 If you've visited our office lately, you could tell that we were bursting at the seams and needed more space, so now we'll have a new and improved office space!  After nearly 15 years of being in the same building, you can imagine all the interesting things that we'll be working on packing & moving!  

The new office is still in Brentwood, and just 1 mile away from our old Chadwick address.  We'll be updating this blog, as well as sending out a more informative brochure to you by email, but here's a map with both old and new office locations shown, an Overlook Circle closeup map, as well as a view of the new office's exterior.  Click on an image to see an expanded view of it.

Our signage at the new location is not up yet, so if you have any difficulty finding Suite B-1, look for our neighbor that we share the building with, CPS Land Co.

I look forward to seeing you at our new location soon.





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