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Current Shortage of Gold & Silver Eagle Coins in the Marketplace Explained

  The amazingly strong, (but not surprising), surge in demand for gold & silver bullion items since the November 3rd Presidential Election is now being exacerbated by a shortage of Gold and Silver American Eagle coins from the US Mint.  We were informed today by one of our US Mint distributors that the current supply of coins from the US Mint has been absorbed into the market. The Mint is in the process of issuing new reverse designs for the Gold & Silver Eagles and that is planned to occur around mid-year.  So the Mint basically produced a large group of "type 1", current design coins (same design they have had since 1986), and this group was planned to last throughout the first 6 months of 2021, with the new "type 2" reverse design coins being released in time to handle the final 6 months of 2021 and that new design will continue into the future.What the Mint didn't expect was the extreme surge in demand caused by the election's political c

Reddit Activity in the Silver Markets

  Feb 1, 2021 Demand  for physical Silver and Gold has been exceptionally strong since the November election, but we woke up today to the precious metals' markets seemingly on fire.  After having had grand success in the Short-killing run up of GameStop and AMC stock, the Reddit group has now turned it's massive buying attention to the silver markets.  Overseas trading Sunday night had silver showing a 5% to 10% increase that spilled over into London's market Monday morning, and New York trading near the close Monday is still solidly up 7%-9%  from Friday's closing price.  Even more interesting for us than the price move, is the dramatic effect that this retail demand has had on physical metal supplies.  Inventories of physical silver have been exhausted and we are seeing big spikes in the premiums that physical coins and bars bring.  We are being forced to sell many items based on extended delivery times.  We saw a similar situation in March-April 2020 caused by physic