Europe To Ban Large Cash Transactions

The European Union Plans to Ban Large Cash Transactions   Pictured: €500 Bank Note. €500 notes were withdrawn from circulation in 2019   The European Union is setting the stage to ban Cash transactions of 10,000 Euro or more, in the 25 countries using the Euro Currency.  Originally hailed as a method to stop money laundering, but now saying it doesn't work, the previous rule to report Cash transactions of €10,000 or more is being replaced with an outright ban on spending that amount in cash in those countries.  For decades, banks, and then businesses, have had to notify the IRS, and in the case of Europe, its European Union version of the IRS, when a person deposited, withdrew or spent $10,000 or more in cash or "cash equivalents", (ie: money orders & cashier's checks under $10,000).  Banks we'll even flag your account at much lower amounts, $3,000., to monitor if a person attempts to deposit or withdraw smaller amounts at multiple branches, totaling $10,000 o

Our Office Location, Maps & Info

Nashville Coin & Currency, Inc. Our office is located at 213 Overlook Circle, Suite B-1, Brentwood, Tennessee 37027 Here's a map with both old and new office locations shown, an Overlook Circle closeup map, as well as a view of the new office's exterior.  Click on an image to see an expanded view of it. The street marquis signage at the office entrance where you turn in is abbreviated for security. It shows: B-1 Mike Mouret NCC Contact us today for your appointment, we look forward to seeing you soon. Mike     213 Overlook Circle, Ste B-1, Brentwood, TN 37027

Current Gold to Silver Ratio

July 19, 2023 The Gold to Silver ratio has now broken back under 80, figured today at 78.75 ounces of Silver to 1 ounce of Gold, as Silver has been outperforming Gold recently.    - - - - - Sept 7, 2022 Gold continues to dominate the Gold to Silver ratio.  At today's rates, one ounce of gold will buy 93 ounces of silver - - - - - July 18, 2022 At today's market prices, one ounce of Gold is trading at 91.4 times the price of one ounce of Silver. Historically speaking, a very high Gold to Silver ratio. - - - - - May 11, 2022 At today's market prices, an ounce of Gold is trading at 86 times the price of an ounce of Silver. That's the highest Gold to Silver ratio since mid-2020, and still much higher than the "traditional" ratio of 60 to 1.

Tennessee Now Has A Sales Tax Exemption on Precious Metals!

 Great news for Tennessee buyers of precious metals, the Tennessee House and Senate have passed a recently resurrected and amended Bill to allow a Sales Tax Exemption on Coins and Precious Metals. Governor Lee signed the Act on May 27, 2022, and the Act took effect immediately upon his signature.  Here's what the new law looks like: A big THANK YOU to Rep. Bud Hulsey and Sen. Frank Nicely, the bill's initial Sponsors. Both of these men have been supporting our fight for an exemption for the last decade! Additional thanks to these bill co-sponsors: Senators Sutherland, Crowe, Bowling, Lundberg, Rose, Stevens, Walley and Watson AND Representatives Lamberth, Weaver, Gant, Sherrell, White, Crawford, Hazlewood, Ragan, Eldridge, Lafferty, Hawk, Terry, Jerry Sexton, Grills, Vital, Zachary, Doggett, Powers, Todd, Haston, Cepicky, Jernigan and Tim Hicks

What Factors Affect The Price Of The Precious Metals?

By Mike Mouret     Factors That Affect The Price Of Precious Metals What factors affect the price of the Precious Metals? Gold and Silver market values fluctuate all throughout the day and night, trading worldwide nearly 24 hours a day now.  Many economic and political factors influence the physical Gold and Silver market price, known as the SPOT price. Some of the most notable factors include: current and long-term interest rates, the current rate of inflation, Gold & Silver's physical supply and the physical demand for them, speculator/investor purchases and sales, the current value of the US Dollar as a currency, large metals transactions made by Central Banks around the world, and of course, unforeseen events that can rapidly reshape whole economies. The Fed's Monetary Policies. The Federal Reserve is a privately-owned group of banks that controls the U.S. supply of money in the market to keep the economy growing at a pre-selected rate, or contracting when necess

Current Shortage of Gold & Silver Eagle Coins in the Marketplace Explained

  The amazingly strong, (but not surprising), surge in demand for gold & silver bullion items since the November 3rd Presidential Election is now being exacerbated by a shortage of Gold and Silver American Eagle coins from the US Mint.  We were informed today by one of our US Mint distributors that the current supply of coins from the US Mint has been absorbed into the market. The Mint is in the process of issuing new reverse designs for the Gold & Silver Eagles and that is planned to occur around mid-year.  So the Mint basically produced a large group of "type 1", current design coins (same design they have had since 1986), and this group was planned to last throughout the first 6 months of 2021, with the new "type 2" reverse design coins being released in time to handle the final 6 months of 2021 and that new design will continue into the future.What the Mint didn't expect was the extreme surge in demand caused by the election's political c

Reddit Activity in the Silver Markets

  Feb 1, 2021 Demand  for physical Silver and Gold has been exceptionally strong since the November election, but we woke up today to the precious metals' markets seemingly on fire.  After having had grand success in the Short-killing run up of GameStop and AMC stock, the Reddit group has now turned it's massive buying attention to the silver markets.  Overseas trading Sunday night had silver showing a 5% to 10% increase that spilled over into London's market Monday morning, and New York trading near the close Monday is still solidly up 7%-9%  from Friday's closing price.  Even more interesting for us than the price move, is the dramatic effect that this retail demand has had on physical metal supplies.  Inventories of physical silver have been exhausted and we are seeing big spikes in the premiums that physical coins and bars bring.  We are being forced to sell many items based on extended delivery times.  We saw a similar situation in March-April 2020 caused by physic

US Silver Dollar Basic Categories

  Peace Type Silver Dollars were produced from 1921 until 1935 at 3 US Mints: Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco.  Some years had no silver dollars made: 1929-1933.  1921 dated Peace Dollars are scarce.  Dates most often seen are 1922 through 1926.   Morgan Silver Dollars were produced from 1878 until 1904, and then a hiatus with no dollar coins minted from 1905-1920, resuming again only for the year 1921.  The 1921's as a year are priced separately and priced less than the 1904 & before dated coins.  Morgan Dollars were struck at 5 different US Mints: Philadelphia, San Francisco, New Orleans, Carson City Nevada and Denver (only 1921 made in Denver). General Grading Categories of Common Date Silver Dollars    Cull Grade coins: these have a readable 4 digit date and no holes, but can have cleaning or polishing, scratches, gouges, rim dings, bending, etc.      Average Circulated coins:  These have what's called "good honest wear", meani

Popular Silver Products We Carry

  Pre-1965 US 90% Silver Dimes, Quarters & Halves Often referred to as "Junk Silver", these are United States silver dimes, quarters and half dollars that were in circulation as pocket change back the 1960's and before.  These coins are all dated 1964 & before and were made of 90% Silver with 10% Copper added for durability in circulation.  Since they were made by the US Mint, their silver quality is always totally consistent and recognized worldwide.  These coins are sold by the Dollar Face Value (One Dollar face value is either 10-dimes, or 4-quarters or 2-half dollars), and each Dollar face value contains about 3/4 of an ounce of Silver.  The US 90% Junk Silver Coins are very recognizable and popular due to their small individual size.  "Preppers" often buy these for potential bartering because you can just count out whatever quantity of the small pieces you need for the barter transaction. Their Premium above their base silver value is usually reason

World War II Era Foreign Paper Money

One of the more common questions we receive is about the value of World War 2 era foreign paper currency that our customers have run across as they go through the belongings of an older family member.  Usually, these notes were brought back to the States by soldiers returning from the war. As the soldiers were clearing out buildings and towns in WW2, they often came across paper currency like French Francs, German Marks, Italian Lire, etc. By the time the war started, many of those bills were already obsolete and no longer legal tender to spend due to monetary changes or changes of governments. The original owners had kept them hoping they would one day have value again, much like people kept Confederate currency after the Civil War ended on the hopes that the South would rise again and the notes would once again have value. Some, like the Philippines and nearby Pacific Islands, were issued by the Japanese because they thought they would control those islands forever. When the A

Popular Gold Bullion Items

  Here's an overview of our best selling gold bullion items. Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Issued since 1979, this coin is 24k pure gold to a fineness of .9999  It's available in five sizes: 1oz, 1/2oz, 1/4oz, 1/10oz and 1/20oz. The Gold Maple Leaf is exceptionally popular and is traded all throughout the world.  Americans like them because Canada is a trusted neighbor and the coins are denominated in Dollars.  Being 24k pure gold, these coins are especially popular in the Orient as the Asians typically don't buy bullion coins that contain any alloy.   Starting in 2015, the Royal Canadian Mint implemented several anti-counterfeiting features in the Gold Maples.  The radial lines running throughout the background is notable, but also note the micro-printing of the issue year inside of the miniature maple leaf next to the large maple leaf.  Because the Maples are pure 24k gold, they are soft and should be kept in their protective sleeves to prevent scratching and maintain optimum

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Nashville Coin & Currency's President, Mike Mouret, will appear on Nashville's WSMV NBC Television Station show, "More at Midday", on Tuesday April 17. Tune in to check it out! If you have questions about rare coins, currency or precious metals, use our website's contact us/feedback link at: .