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Popular Silver Products We Carry

  Pre-1965 US 90% Silver Dimes, Quarters & Halves Often referred to as "Junk Silver", these are United States silver dimes, quarters and half dollars that were in circulation as pocket change back the 1960's and before.  These coins are all dated 1964 & before and were made of 90% Silver with 10% Copper added for durability in circulation.  Since they were made by the US Mint, their silver quality is always totally consistent and recognized worldwide.  These coins are sold by the Dollar Face Value (One Dollar face value is either 10-dimes, or 4-quarters or 2-half dollars), and each Dollar face value contains about 3/4 of an ounce of Silver.  The US 90% Junk Silver Coins are very recognizable and popular due to their small individual size.  "Preppers" often buy these for potential bartering because you can just count out whatever quantity of the small pieces you need for the barter transaction. Their Premium above their base silver value is usually reason

World War II Era Foreign Paper Money

One of the more common questions we receive is about the value of World War 2 era foreign paper currency that our customers have run across as they go through the belongings of an older family member.  Usually, these notes were brought back to the States by soldiers returning from the war. As the soldiers were clearing out buildings and towns in WW2, they often came across paper currency like French Francs, German Marks, Italian Lire, etc. By the time the war started, many of those bills were already obsolete and no longer legal tender to spend due to monetary changes or changes of governments. The original owners had kept them hoping they would one day have value again, much like people kept Confederate currency after the Civil War ended on the hopes that the South would rise again and the notes would once again have value. Some, like the Philippines and nearby Pacific Islands, were issued by the Japanese because they thought they would control those islands forever. When the A