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Pre-1965 US 90% Silver Dimes, Quarters & Halves

Often referred to as "Junk Silver", these are United States silver dimes, quarters and half dollars that were in circulation as pocket change back the 1960's and before.  These coins are all dated 1964 & before and were made of 90% Silver with 10% Copper added for durability in circulation.  Since they were made by the US Mint, their silver quality is always totally consistent and recognized worldwide.  These coins are sold by the Dollar Face Value (One Dollar face value is either 10-dimes, 4-quarters or 2-halves), and each Dollar contained about 3/4 of an ounce when newly minted.    The US 90% Junk Silver Coins are very recognizable and popular due to their small per-unit size.  "Preppers" often buy these for potential bartering because you can just count out whatever quantity you need for the transaction. As a final note on these, their Premium above the base silver value is usually relatively low because they have already been produced years ago by the Mint, so there are no manufacturing costs on these.  These are sold by the $1 Face Value unit, can be purchased in any quantity.

     1 Ounce Silver Rounds              1 Ounce Silver Bars

Probably the single most popular bullion category in Silver we currently sell is the assorted, "Generic" brand, 1oz Silver Bars and 1 oz Silver Rounds.  These are produced by various private companies using 1 ounce of .999 fine silver each.  The Rounds come packaged in plastic tubes of 20 pieces, which make stacking easier. Because they each contain exactly one ounce of pure silver, it is always easy to compute their current market value.  

Canadian 1 Ounce Silver Maple Leaf Coins

Legal Tender coins of Canada, each Maple Leaf coin contains one ounce of silver that's purified to four 9's fine (.9999) as compared to most pure silver products being .999 fine. The Maple Leaf has  advanced anti-counterfeiting features such as a radial-line background and micro-printing, that give you and future buyers, a higher confidence in their purity and authenticity.  The Silver Maple Leaf coins come packaged from the Royal Canadian Mint in tubes of 25 coins and in boxes of 500 coins, but can be purchased in any quantity.  The premium on the Silver Maple Leaf coins is a little higher than on the generic silver rounds and bars due to their popularity and improved liquidity as legal tender coins backed by the Canadian Government.

American Silver Eagle Dollars

The American Silver Eagle Dollar coins are a Legal Tender Dollar coin and backed by the US Government.  They contain one ounce of pure silver, and as you may expect, they are the best seller in the United States.  First produced in 1986, some previous years have developed collector's value over and above their silver market value, with the coins produced since year 2000 typically just bringing silver value.   The American Eagles come from the US Mint packaged in plastic rolls of 20 coins inside boxes of 500 coins, but you can purchase them in any quantity.  Due to popularity as the best seller in the U.S., the Silver Eagles bring the highest Premium of all the silver mentioned on this page, typically about $1 to $1.50 each more than Maple Leaf coins.

Austria Philharmic Silver Coin

Great Britain Silver Britannia

A few general notes on quality.

The US 90% silver coins, having already been in circulation, will vary in appearance and wear. That is expected and understood throughout the market.  None of the coins should be badly bent or holed.

The 1oz Silver Rounds and 1oz Silver Bars are delivered to you in fresh, bright condition and should be stored in their packaging away from sunlight.  A little light toning or tarnishing is acceptable and can often be removed with a liquid, no-rub bath.

Silver Maple Leaf Coins and Silver Eagle Coins come to you in Brilliant Uncirculated condition and should be stored in their original tubes or protective packages.  It's important that if you remove them from their tube to examine them, be sure to hold them only by their edges and not touch the coin's face sides directly as finger oils can leave stains that will show up in the future and can lower their resale value somewhat.  Also, when buying these from discount internet sellers, be sure that the coins you receive are all nice and fresh uncirculated coins without a bunch of spots or stains.  These will always be worth silver market value, but not the higher premium item if they had stayed perfect and fresh as issued.


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