Tennessee Now Has A Sales Tax Exemption on Precious Metals!

 Great news for Tennessee buyers of precious metals, the Tennessee House and Senate have passed a recently resurrected and amended Bill to allow a Sales Tax Exemption on coins and precious metals. Governor Lee signed the Act on May 27, and the it took effect immediately upon his signature. 

Here's what the Bill looks like

A big THANK YOU to Rep. Bud Hulsey and Sen. Frank Nicely, the bill's intial Sponsors. Both of these men have been supporting our fight for an exemption for the last 15 years.

Additional thanks to these bill co-sponsors:
Senators Sutherland, Crowe, Bowling, Lundberg, Rose, Stevens, Walley and Watson
Representatives Lamberth, Weaver, Gant, Sherrell, White, Crawford, Hazlewood, Ragan, Eldridge, Lafferty, Hawk, Terry, Jerry Sexton, Grills, Vital, Zachary, Doggett, Powers, Todd, Haston, Cepicky, Jernigan and Tim Hicks


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